Join us in sending a Blessing Shoe Box full of gifts to boys and girls:

Please return the Shoe Box full of gifts to Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain before Wednesday, December 23th. We will be delivering the gifts to Tijuana in early January. Through this ministry we have the opportunity to bless the children of Mexico in Jesus’ name.

Basic Directions:
In an effort to achieve simplicity for you and for the team going to Mexico, we need your help.  Please follow these directions carefully.  All boxes need to be UNISEX and have the minimum required items included in them.  This is critical to maintain a feeling of fairness between the children. Instead of over-packing one box or two, please consider preparing more boxes!

Requirements for Each Box:
1) Wrap the boxes in Christmas theme paper.
2) Wrap the lid separately.
3) Choose age appropriate unisex items from the following list.
4) Use standard sized products.
5) Remove wrappers where possible to reduce trash and tighten all lids.
6) Secure Shoe Box lid with heavy rubber band or elastic.

Mandatory Basic Items:
All Boxes Are to Include These 5 Essential Items:
Bar Soap, Shampoo, Wash cloth, Tooth brush, Toothpaste

Each Box Must Also Include a Minimum of 4 of the following items:
Hair Brush, Comb, Chap Stick, Nail Clippers, Q-tips, Band Aids, School Paper, Pens, Pencils (sharpened), Erasers, Pencil Sharpener, Crayons, Colored Pencils

Other Fun Items & Ideas:
Each Box Must Include a Minimum of 2 or 3 of the following items:
Balls, Marbles, Jacks, Yo-Yo’s, Tiny Cars, Jump Rope, Bubbles,  Writing Pads,
Puzzles, Stickers, Beanie Babies, Solar Calculator, Child Scissors, Markers, Ruler, Socks, Mittens, Rain Poncho, Color Books  (Spanish), Flash Light, Extra Batteries, Clothes Pins, Sandwich Bags, Scotch Tape, Books (Spanish), Pick-up Sticks

Food Items, Candy, Breakable Items or Glass, Books Written in English, Toy Guns or Knives, Used Items of Any Kind, Medications or Drugs

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or call us at: (702) 633-4240