The Way Through

The Way Through is an 8-week sur-thrival group for parents struggling with how to stand on solid biblical foundations and love their sexually broken prodigal like Jesus.

The Way Through: 8-Week Biblical Support Group for Parents of Sexually Broken Prodigals meets Thursdays 6– 8 p.m.


This workbook-led group is designed to equip parents to survive and thrive in a unique kind of valley. During these 8 weeks parents will strengthen their relationship with Jesus, fortify their Biblical foundations, discover more about their identity in Christ, and to learn how to stand on Truth and live the love of Christ more courageously for their prodigal.

If you’re a parent in the trenches, join us. Let Jesus meet you and guide you through your valley. Come away equipped and strengthened with a new sense of peace and hope.

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The Way Through BG

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