Pacific Justice Institute has the following recommendations for Students:

In the event that the college requires you to be vaccinated, you will need to provide a written request seeking a medical or religious exemption. Medical exemptions require a medical provider to verify that a vaccination is contraindicated for you. For a religious exemption, the information below is required:

  1. State your religious convictions as to why you do not wish to take the coronavirus vaccination. To the extent you are able, add religious texts (e.g. Bible verses) to support your position.
  2. State that your religious beliefs are sincerely held.
  3. Request an exemption.
  4. PJI recommends concluding with a sentence which reads: “Based on my sincerely held religious convictions described above, I respectfully request a religious accommodation pursuant to Title VII.”

Note that the request should be in writing. The law does NOT require a letter from your church, minister or place of worship. Your own religious beliefs are sufficient. (You may use the Religious Exemption letter on the CCLM website as an example). 

Due to the extraordinary volume of requests they are receiving at this time, PJI is unable to review and comment on every exemption letter being sent to us. Following the above guidelines should, however, put you in the strongest position to either have your request granted, or to contests its denial.